Monday, 27 September 2010

Apoll-o-gees (if you're a Blackadder fan)

Apologies for being absent over the weekend, time kinda ran away with me and before I knew it Sunday evening was here and I was thinking about the working week ahead. Last week was exhausting, too many things going on at the day job and with holidays and such I was covering and working full time most days.....YUK!!

Saturday morning I got all the chores out of the way (my house needed seriously cleaning, dust everywhere from finishing the shower room) and Sunday we had to do the dreaded food shop (I really dislike food shopping, love eating food, just not buying it) so the rest of the weekend was mine. Chris was preoccupied tiling the upstairs bathroom (5 years its been bare walls) which meant I wouldn't be disturbed :D

I managed to get this little lot (above) cut out and some other pieces for bags etc. I'm trying to get as many things as I can prepared as I will be dog sitting up at my Mam's while she is on holiday. I will be having a whole week to myself (and Ted and Gordon of course, my Mam's dog and cat) with no Chris :( no Nell and Oli :( no work :) and no distractions. I'm meeting a few friends while I'm there which will be lovely. But my main plan is to get my sewing machine out and come back with enough new stock to sit and fill my website.

So in a way I will be on vacation, I'm going to blog A LOT (hopefully) and will still be taking orders, they just wont be processed (I hate that word it sounds so....'mass produced') until I return. So expect to see lots of commenting from me over next week....there will be lots of tea, biscuits and Internet connection :D


  1. Life is manic sometimes isn't it - how dare it get in the way of our blogging :-) Love Blackadder too - always makes me giggle.


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