Friday, 10 September 2010


This morning I managed to do something that I haven't done for sometime and that was blog reading. I haven't left any comments (sorry peeps) as there were so many posts that I'd missed out on over the last 2 weeks (that's a lot of blogs to catch up on, my reading list is huge). But OMG I have missed out on so many great posts.....cup of tea in hand I was in my element.

When I don't get to read blogs I always have a niggling feeling that I'm missing out on something and 9 times out of 10 I am!! Its not that I'm nosey or anything - well OK I am a little bit, but who isn't. I love to see whats going on out there in the craft world. Its the creative incentive that keeps me ticking.

From my post earlier in the week 'Houston we have a problem', I'm pleased to say that 'I HAVE POWER!!!' (said in a really deep super hero type way) ;) back in the studio. So I can now sew with the radio/TV on and plug the iron in when I want. Aren't I easily pleased :D

This was the scene in my living room earlier this week. These little beauties went off to Peach and Pomegranate who I now supply. Aren't these fabrics yummy, I was feeling decidedly Autumnal when I was sewing the felt and ribbon flowers on them. I do love the Summer but there is something special about the leaves turning golden browns and deep reds that is always my favourite part of Autumn.

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  1. hello, I get behind in blog-reading too. Glad you had a chance to catch up. Crafty blogs are inspirational, so are the occasional spiritual story. have a wonderful weekend.


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