Sunday, 5 September 2010

Taking it easy

Yesterday I was suffering terribly from a migraine, so much so I struggled to get out of bed and when I finally did I had to take it easy. Those of you who know me will know that I used to suffer from them quite often, until I found out what was causing them and I'm glad to say this is the first one for many, many months. But this one was a biggy.......

Anywho when I did drag myself out of bed and made myself resemble a human being. I tidied the studio and did a few 'easy jobs', most of them entailed sitting in my 'comfy' chair. One of the tasks I finished was this brooch swatch card. I'd printed it out quite some time but never got round to sticking the felt squares onto it.

Now I have a lovely bright and cheery swatch card on my pin board. After a late afternoon nap and some good food last night I was feeling loads better. Today I've been trying to catch up a little but still feeling a niggle so I shall be wearing my glasses again today to help ease the eye strain.
Looking forward to my Sunday lunch in a couple of hours.....always best when you don't have to do the washing up ;)

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  1. You take care .... there is so much that can be done for migraines now but I know the threat always lingers.. my friend suffers terribly and has done for many years; nothing seems to work except acupuncture.


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