Friday, 17 September 2010

Is it officially Autumn?

Its getting blustery and dark earlier, nippy at night and the boots have come out of the wardrobe! Speaking of nippy, yesterday we bought a new quilt/duvet as the one we have had most definitely seen better days. C was sceptical that it would make any difference, which I just rolled my eyes to and changed all the bedding. The first thing he said upon opening his eyes this morning "I love this quilt!!" I almost burst out laughing, but then had to totally agree with him as I had slept like a baby last night. The first 'good' nights sleep I've had in ages. I'm putting it down to being a 'Slumberland' quilt and the fact that we should have replaced the old one AGES ago.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the packaging tutorial yesterday. I do hope it comes in useful for some of you. Although I have no doubt that you talented lot could also teach me a thing or too when it comes to tutorials or packaging. :D

If you look to the right you'll see that I've added links to the two tutes I've done so far. The goal is to add lots more in the run up to watch this space!

The photo above is of the last 'Diana' slouch bag and a custom clutch bag to match. This gorgeous pair went to their new home last week and was one of the projects I worked on during my week off. I've just started working on the new collection of bags (slightly later then I had planned but hey ho) and I'm loving the fabrics and colours I have chosen. Trying to keep within the trends for Autumn and Winter but with a few of my favourites in there too. I think they are going to be gradual additions to the website as people are asking already to buy, you wouldn't believe how many people are planning/buying for Christmas already!!

I've decided its not Autumn until the leaves start turning, I love that part of Autumn.

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  1. I told B and M earlier this week as we were getting ready to walk to school that it was nearly winter. They replied, 'no, Mam it's AUTUMN!' so yes indeed, it certainly is Autumn. :o( Which means, with B's birthday out of the way, the countdown to my 30th begins....three weeks today....eeek!! lol

    Have a great weekend xx


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