Monday, 6 September 2010

Houston we have a problem - UPDATE

Well the tile came off and......yes C's Dad was right, he had drilled through the cable. But not once, Oh no, TWICE!! Both times hitting the neutral wire!!! I cant tell you how lucky he was!!! After one call to Spain (don't ask), one call to the 'Valve Shop' (C's Dad's friend) they both decided it was going to have to be a new cable laid.

So for now I have to cope with the extension lead until they can get it sorted. I don't mind not having electricity or the fact that the cables got to be replaced. I'm just so pleased that he was lucky twice not to drill through the live wire. With his heart condition I dread to think what might have happened.

Don't worry I have stressed that he is to use the cable tester that he does own, but did not use, or better still leave it for his Dad to sort. He is so more experienced than C is.

In between all of this happening I did get some sewing done, DIY was done for the day. Time for a glass of wine!


  1. Gosh, that was lucky! Glad you found the root of the problem and hope it gets sorted soon. At least you can still use your sewing machine!
    R x

  2. goodness me... well thats 2 of his nine lives gone.. lol I suppose its lucky it caused a power shortage otherwise it might have tiked away and started a fire...Mr P does eletrics and he finds it anoying but funny when my brother makes light of how easy it is to do new wiring...

    big hugs to you both....x

    Alex x

  3. oh dear, he was lucky. hopefully you will have electric soon.
    Josie x


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