Thursday, 30 September 2010

Ready for the off

All my lovely sewing goodies packed up and ready to travel up the M1 tomorrow. I have a week of 'me time' this week coming as I am dog and cat sitting for my Mam. Its going to be a little strange as this is the longest that I've been away from Chris for sometime and I'm sure to miss the kitties lots too. But I'm sure it will make the coming home even more sweet :D

I have lots of projects to get finished as I did lots of cutting out this week, lots of doggy walks to take, some films to watch, a book to read and blogs to catch up on.
There are lots of bits and bobs stuffed into these reusable bags but it doesn't look very much does it. I think I have everything I need but I'll do a final check tomorrow before I leave.
Now just got that half day at work to get out of the way then its all bagladee, bagladee, bagladee!!


  1. i'm sure you will have a fantastic time immersed in Bagladee for a whole week :-)
    hurrah for house/dog sitting holidays!!

  2. Let's hope you don't forget something important! xx

  3. Have A Fun & Productive Time! Oh and a bit of rest too!


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