Monday, 4 July 2011

Cupcake Course

I've been bursting to tell you what I had been up to early on Saturday morning but things just kept getting in the way. Anyway I am here now.....

(the venue : The Grange)

Quite some time ago, you may remember me telling you that C bought me a Groupon Voucher for my birthday, half a days cupcake making/decorating course with Strawberry Cupcakes. Since I had only just made my second batch of cupcakes ever, I couldn't wait to go and learn some skills.

I arrived just before 9am (start time) and joined the other course members for a cup of tea (how lovely), once everyone was accounted for we were introduced to the very lovely Jeaniene and Emma (nope it wasn't me helping) and had a brief induction. We were then lead into what I was going to say the 'training room' but it was a lovely bright and airy room with lovely windows that looked out onto The Grange entrance so it was more cheery than just a training room.

(end result)

Jeaniene took the main part of the class with Emma helping and they were the most entertaining teachers. Very relaxed atmosphere where you felt you could really have a go and not be too bothered about getting it wrong.

(a better view of the sugar flowers)

Firstly we made the cupcake mixture, piped it into our lovely coloured cases and these were then ushered off to the oven for baking (*tip : remember what colour cases you have). Then out came the sugar paste and dyes. I have to say I cant remember the last time I had so much fun, I love learning new skills, especially when they are artistic ones. We dived right in with butterflies and sugar roses.....

(unfortunately they have all been eaten)

I think it was at this point (I cant remember as I was having way to much fun) we stopped for a break, another cuppa AND one of the delicious cupcakes that had been made by Jeaniene. I picked a toffee one and I tell you what I could have eaten a dozen!!! We then went on to learn how to mix and pipe butter cream frosting and as you can see from the photos (yes these are the ones that I actually made with my hands) we even made stripey frosting! The cupcakes were ready and cooled and we decorated them with our sugared fancies.

I have to say that I never thought they would turn out this good, I really surprised myself and had a ball doing it. C said I was beaming with pride when I returned home with a dozen cupcakes and even he was impressed with my new found skills.

If you do live in the Nottinghamshire area and fancy having a great time and learning how to decorate your own cupcakes you can find all the details here on Strawberry Cupcakes Website. If you cant stretch to the full price of the course then keep your eyes peeled on the coupons websites to get a great deal. Please bare in mind that Jeaniene provides you with all the ingredients and the utensils and is a great teacher to boot, so well worth it for a treat. Go on get nagging your other half to buy it as a gift!

Verdict: Brilliant opportunity to learn how to decorate cupcakes with a friendly and talented tutor, no need to bring anything just yourself, leave brimming with pride and a dozen cupcakes!!! What a fantastic day out!!!


  1. How amazing! A brilliant gift idea and yummy to boot!

  2. They look fab-my mouth is watering

  3. they look amazing - good job you!
    now, be a good girl and pop one in the post for me :D

  4. Hey Emma, that's the Grange in Radcliffe! If you walk down the side of the grange and follow the road round, you get to my mum's house, that's the village I grew up in! I'm a bit overexcited about seeing it on the internet! I really want a go now, but I couldn't afford the full price either, I'll keep an eye out on Groupon. Your cupcakes were amazing!

  5. Ooooh! They look so delish! Clever thing - I've been baking cupcakes for years but never done that kind of frosting, the stripy ones look amazing! Yum...


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