Thursday, 21 July 2011

*sneaks in quietly*

(Wonder if anyone notices I'm here?)

I'm back, well I've been back since Monday but various things have kept me away from my blog. Madrid was wonderful, I always feel at home in places with a warmer climate and I'm so much more relaxed when the sun is shining. I will write a proper post about what we did later in the week.

I thought that when I returned from holiday so would my creative mojo......I waited and waited and waited.....but nothing! So I have filled the week with other 'jobs' that needed doing in the hope it would come back on its own. Boring bits out of the way were the holiday washing and the mountain of ironing that has been gradually building up for the last month, generally just pottering about in the house. Fun 'jobs' today were making these delicious cupcakes (my new found hobby) and doing a stock take of bags and making sure my website is up to date.

Tomorrow I'm travelling up North for a short break to help my Mam choose a dress for my Nephew's wedding which is in a couple of weeks. And the cupcakes are travelling with me. Looking forward to some family time with my Mam and Step Dad Ian. As always the time will go over too quick.


  1. Hi Emma, glad you had a good time away. Those cakes look deeeelicious! :o) xx

  2. glad you had a good time, and those cakes do look yummy.


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