Thursday, 7 July 2011

What's new?

Today has been my first proper day back in the studio. Two weeks break is far too long for me I was starting to think that my creative mojo was slipping away. I am the type of person where once I am in the swing of things I can get addicted to the task in hand but when I've had a break from something I find it really hard to get motivated again.

(Louisa shoulder bag)

So whats new with me?? Well yesterday I listed some new bags onto my website, this is my Louisa shoulder bag. I love this retro print. This afternoon I tried to kick start my mojo by writing a plan and a list of To Do's and then I spent the rest of the afternoon cutting out fabric and interfacing for lots of new purses and the last Helena shoulder bag which was sold yesterday. It felt good to be back on the crafty horse :)

(Jane slouch bag)

I have a whole weekend of sewing planned so if that doesn't get the creative juices flowing then nothing will.

(Marie Louise shoulder bag)

(Emma slouch bag)

I am also making another batch of cupcakes on Saturday for C's Auntie Pat, this time unsupervised so lets see how they turn out. I have all the kit now, part bought from Strawberry Cupcakes after the course and the other bits and bobs came from HobbyCraft and The Range.

Having two weeks break from sewing allowed me to step back and think about things, a little too much I think :/ I have spent my budget for shows this year already, if Bath had turned out better then maybe I could have squeezed another in later on in the year. But for now I am concentrating on Trade and advertising my website. So if you are feeling generous please mention me and my bags to your friends and family and point them in the direction of my website. Thanks :D


  1. Your muse is alive and kicking - lovely bags :-)
    I've also given up on trade fairs this year and am seriously considering retiring from the circuit (makes me sound like a rock star !!)

  2. I know exactly how you feel I have totally lost all motivation at the moment, do you think you could come and give me a kick up the backside : )
    The new bags are lush.
    Emma x

  3. Glad to see you are back in your studio. Love the bags

  4. Uhooi,,
    This handbag is very pretty and nice,,


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