Monday, 11 July 2011

Just in time for the Summer

This is Florentine and she is also now available from my website. She can be worn full length across the body or as a shoulder bag at the shortest. I am now the proud owner of a Betty Bag. Lovely spacious bag to (shove) put all my daily essentials and more. Well I did think it was about time that I carried one of my own creations, its pretty shameful that I haven't up until now.

I'm even taking her with me to Madrid next week, 5 days in beautiful Madrid. We will also be going to see Red Bull XFighters at Las Ventas again, really looking forward to that. Not only will it be 1 year since C proposed it will be a chance for us to spend quality time together. This year has been pretty manic, the time has gone over so quick because everyday has been filled with a multitude of tasks.

I have been busy this weekend making a bag for an order, some purses for a trade order I'm sending out this week and some very pink birthday cupcakes for C's Aunties birthday. *Note to self: must buy other colourings than pink.* They were vanilla with pink frosting and pale pink and white flowers and butterflies......Oh yes and a heap load of edible glitter!!!!

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