Sunday, 31 July 2011

I did it!!

And in a very respectable 36 mins, which is actually a personal best for me. Please ignore the the red sweaty mess in the photo above :) It was soooo hot today especially when the sun was out. This was the first time I had run the Holme Pierrepont course and have to say that I preferred it to the Victoria Embankment one that I normally do. The course was set round the huge lake and as expected it was packed.

It felt a little strange being on my own to race but C was there to stand with me until the warm up and then he went and positioned himself at the finish line. I happily joined in the warm up and didn't feel on my own as there were lots of groups of ladies around me laughing and chatting and once it was time for the start I felt quite humbled and emotional. Such an uplifting experience but so sad to read all the back signs with Mothers, Daughters, Father's, Sons, Aunts, Uncles and friends who had been lost to Cancer. Anne (my Mam's best friend) was in my mind as I passed the start line.

I had noted what time I passed over the start line, and was quite surprised at my time as I crossed over the finish line. As always I received a medal, a goody bag and a well needed bottle of water.

C gave me a congratulatory hug and we walked slowly back to the car. After scoffing the Special K bites that were in the goody bag and gulping the water down we headed for home. My legs felt a little wobbly this afternoon but that didn't matter. I felt a sense of pride today, £370 going to a most worthy cause and I would do it again. Sorry rephrase that, will be doing it again. A huge thank you to all of the people that sponsored me, I am very grateful.

A good day indeed :D


  1. Yay! Yay! Yay! Well Done speedy Gonzalez! And you are bloody gorgeous too boot! love Annie xx

  2. good on you, doing it in 36 minutes makes it sound so easy ha!
    my friends did an 80k in as a tag team this weekend, fund raisng for the same thing, crazy people!

  3. You put me to shame - really must do this.
    Well done and congratulations on your time

  4. Well done Emma, what a beautiful place to run
    : )

  5. Well done, and it is good to put a face to your name. Very quick time. There is also a Race for Life in Truro each year. This year I took part in a charity Gig race for Cornwall Hospice care for the first time. They do this every year with Newquay Rowing Club so I will see if I can do this each year.


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