Saturday, 19 November 2011

Helen's ginger bread man

Just wanted to stop by and show you the very first finished gingerbread man kit, not made by me but by a very lovely lady called Helen Lay. She won the kit in my giveaway last month and very kindly emailed me a photo.

She also made this necklace from one of Blooming Felt's kits, isn't it pretty! Perfect gifts for Christmas. Thank you Helen, you did a fantastic job, now do you wanna come and make about 150??? Ha ha only kidding ;)

You can get your very own kit from 3 places:

I really don't mind which one you buy from as long as you do :D

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  1. We've almost finished making Joe's gingerbread man, so I'll make sure I send you a pic when it's finished. R x


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