Sunday, 27 November 2011

Joe's Gingerbread Man

How cute is this little fella???

He was made from another one of my 'make your own' Gingerbread Men kits. I sent Joe the kit for his 9th birthday and Rachel (my very lovely pal) from over at Contented helped him with the tricky bits. Didn't they do a fab job? I love his cheeky little smile :)

As photos are coming in from the made kits I am going to add a page to my blog and make a collage of them all. So if you've bought a kit, please send me a photo of your decoration so I can add it to my collage.


  1. Where did u get this pattern?

  2. That's fantastic. Really well done.

    I really need to get my Gingerbread man and house made.

    Ruthie x


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