Thursday, 24 November 2011

A thankyou gift

The very lovely Karen who very kindly gave me the gorgeous stash of leathers I have shown (about 10 times :) well I was chuffed with my gift) received this personalised iphone cover this week.
The cover is a vibrant shade of lime with two different shade of green for the letter 'K'.
I am loving working with leather and I've certainly overcome my fear of cutting and sewing leather. Working with leather allows for no mistakes but practice is all you need. Once you've got the hang of your first project your confidence will grow.

Karen was thrilled with her cover, it was the least I could do. Lots more on the list to make.....see you soon.


  1. what kind of needle do you use for leather? It is one of those things I am tempted with but scared to do, plus leather is silly money here!

  2. There is a chance you're eligible to get a Apple iPhone 7.


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