Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Hello my lovelies....

OK let me just sit down and take a deep breath in.........and out.

Whilst the dinner is in the oven and I'm sat with Gingerbread men, Houses and Angel kits on the floor in front of me (waiting to be put together) and 10 gingerbread men, 5 stuffed, 5 waiting to be stuffed I thought I'd spend some time here at my blog. Something which is becoming less and less, certainly not through choice but through necessity.

I miss being here and miss reading every ones lovely blogs but at the moment there just aren't enough hours in the day. If I thought that for one minute that all year round could be as busy as this I would most definitely be able to give up the day job and Bagladee myself til my hearts content (if that's possible).

The 'To Make' list is astronomical, normally I would be freaking out on a massive scale but surprisingly I am enjoying the buzz of taking multi tasking to the next level ;) that's how I like to think of it anyway. This week I've been making copious amounts of decorations, bless those Gingerbread mens cotton socks, who knew they would be this popular. The last time I counted I think I was at 74 completed gingers! Phew!

I have also been making a few clutch bags and a very special Changing/Baby bag for my cousin. To be honest its a while since I've used the changing bag pattern and felt a little intimidated by it when I laid it out on the fabric. As soon as I machined the first bit I was motoring my way through it. Just like riding a bike but with the exception of not falling off and grazing your knees :) See even us seasoned Bag makers can be put off by a unfamiliar pattern. The end result, it looks fab and its on its way up North in the post as I type.

Best go and dish up dinner, its been a long day and I'm starving.
See you soon....hugs x

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  1. I think it's fantastic that you are making a real go of it. Your work is amazing and you sound totally different too. When I first visited your blog you were stressed to the max now you just seem to be taking it all in your stride.
    Very inspirational : )
    Emma x


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