Monday, 7 November 2011

Read all about it......

Isn't this fella just the cutest chimp in town? I have to confess this is part of the reason that I signed up to Mail Chimp, the rest of my decision was down to the fact that they have such a fab reputation of being against spam emails. Therefore what you get when you subscribe to a Mail Chimp is genuine and not a load of rubbish arriving in your mail box once a week/month. I hate spam emails.You have an option to unsubscribe at any time, which I like so people have the right to stop subscribing anytime they want.

After being on the receiving end of Mail Chimp newsletters I thought, yeah I'd like to have a go at that and signed up.

My aim is to use a monthly newsletter to offer discounts and promotions like 'free delivery' and incentives. There will be little snippets of news and links to some very lovely fellow crafters. Like I said I hate spam emails so there is no chance of me bombarding you with a load of tosh. So far I only have 24 subscribers so when I reach 50 I will launch the very first Bagladee Newsletter. They are all from the UK so it would be really lovely if you overseas readers joined in too :D

If you would like to subscribe then you can do so by clicking on the Mail Chimp image above or by the little box on the right of my blog. I would love to have you on board for the next milestone of Bagladee.

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