Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Fast Forward

OK who fast forwarded January?? ;) I cant believe how fast last month whizzed by. At last I think Winter has finally arrived its been chilly this week but today its been bitterly cold and with that comes dark days which means less photo opportunities. I have been busy making kindle covers and new mini clutches this week which I cant photograph until we get some decent light. I'm hoping Friday will be brighter and I'll get a few shots taken.

Surprisingly I have taken an order for some gingerbread people (men & ladies) with embroidered names this week.

Prep is already in full swing for BCTF in April, C is busy helping me with my stand and I have started on some new items. If I manage it in time there may also be a new 'range' to add to the Bagladee family, its all planned and I'm currently sourcing fabrics and some special findings.

Has your January passed as quick as mine did?

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  1. hey darling, would love to take out an ad, can you contact me x


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