Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I love my loop turner

already sewn strap (down both the long side seams) & my beloved loop turner

Have you used a loop turner before? I literally couldn't live without mine. Well maybe I could 'live' without it but my fingers would be red raw from trying to turn out handles by my finger nails and there would be a lot more aggression in my studio!! Probably a few swears too ;)

They are cheap as chips, you can pick one up for around £2 and believe me when you have bought one and used it for the first time you will wonder why the hell you didn't buy one before!

Right what are they for? Turning handles or straps, including little fiddly spaghetti straps through the right way once you have sewn them. Go on then go grab your straps and a loop turner and I'll show you....

Push your loop turner in the opening of one end, keep pushing the fabric down until you get this ruched affect, nope its not to look fancy its so that you can hook then end of your loop turner to the opposite end of your fabric. As you can see here (photo above) once the hook is attached tuck the ends of your strap inside, *be gentle* until you can slowly pull the 'ring' end of your loop turner back towards you bringing the fabric back with you inside the strap.

This is what it should look like as you begin to pull the strap back through, once you get just over half way there you can ruche the fabric right up again so that you can grab the end (photo below) and pull the remainder through without the loop turner.

***TOP TIP*** Ease the fabric through gently, don't pull too hard or your loop turner will tear your fabric and you will have to sit and pull the fabric through and start again. Most annoying, please add swears here too ;)

This ugly looking thing, almost like a fabric snake is what you will end up with. Now all it need is a good press with the iron and you will have a perfect strap. Easy peasy!!

Bet you all wanna go buy a loop turner now?


  1. I just use a really big safety pin, works for me! x

  2. Been meaning to get one of these for ages, but local shop doesn't stock them and I keep forgetting to put one 'in the basket' when I shop on line. Maybe next time

  3. What a fab idea. I have never heard of one of these before. Normally when turning things through much swearing, and abusive name calling can be heard! I will have to track one down. Sue x

  4. I've got one of these but have never been able to use it properly! :-)

  5. Wow! Never seen one of these before! Its a miracle!


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