Wednesday, 21 July 2010

France air controllers' strike disrupts European travel

This is the reason why I am still here in old blighty.....and the ranting begins!!!

We got up super early to drive to Luton this morning, from Nottingham, to find that the flight was cancelled (yes we could have checked before hand but since we had text updates set up on our mobiles we didn't think necessary). There was nothing on the news about the strikes??? We have battled all day to try and get some flights and finally after we had travelled back to Notts we've managed to book a flight for Friday. Which does mean that we miss the first night of the Redbull Xfighters.......I'm soooooooooo angry.

I just have to cross my fingers, toes and eyes that we do make it there in time on Friday to see the final.

Oh and did I mention that we did get a text to say the flight was cancelled, bearing in mind that we were due to fly at 1pm and had been at the airport since 11am, at 12:45pm!!!!! Now tell me what use is that??? And if you ever fly from Luton don't expect any of the staff to sort anything out for you.....the only answer that we got was to "Go round to the Internet Cafe and try and book another flight". Which was £1 for every 10minutes, so after some lunch we were a burger king heavier but £15 lighter, I know!! And it wasn't even fast broadband either!!

I'm pleased that I'm home, some poor buggers that were there with their children are now stranded in London desperately trying to find accommodation until they can fly!!!

I understand that these people (traffic controllers etc) are just trying to protect and fight for their jobs but when its at the expense of hard working peoples well earned holidays its just not on!!!

Thank you for letting me get that off my chest, back to work for the day tomorrow so that I can have Tuesday off for the extra day flying.


  1. gggrrrr we got stuck in spain in may due to the french air traffic control - luckily it was just for a few hours but still so annoying.

  2. aghhhh how annoying and how stupid to txt you 15mins before the flight, sorry you will miss the Redbull Xfighters, although I have no idea what they to google!

  3. Oh Emma, we had the same problem in May when we went away. Their strike action meant we were delayed in both directions. We never knew anything about it beforehand either. Just think of the great time you will have when you get there!

  4. Oh no!!! God, that must be so frustrating, I'm not surprised you're angry! I really hope you make it in time for the final. Can you claim for compensation due to strike action? And I think that text message deserves a letter of complaint all of it's own!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too!
    R xxx

  5. that's a bugger. I'll keep everything crossed for the flight on friday. xx

  6. oh no what a nightmare, I hope you get there and have a wonderful time


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