Saturday, 10 July 2010


I eventually got my day of rest today and as I'd hoped I did just what I wanted. A lovely lie in with a cup of tea brought to me by C. Bless, he'd even got up and fed the cats so that I didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn.

We then set off to get some jobs done, apart from because it was so beautiful outside and the sun definitely had his hat on it didn't feel like I was having to DO something. Driving round in the sun is a rarity so I enjoyed every minute. When we got back I sat in the sunshine and even had a little snooze. Later on when the cloud started creeping over I came inside and watched Young Frankenstein......

I love this film but it has been ages/years since I had last seen it, so after buying it for a bargain £1 I thought I'd get comfy on the sofa and enjoy.

Gene Wilder is hilarious in this film but my favourite has to be.....

Marty Feldman who sadly is no longer with us. He is so funny as Igor :D Not long after the film finished I treated myself to an afternoon nap. I soooooo needed it. Feeling refreshed I got round to dyeing my hair and sorting some as I go to fill my glass with Rose I will say good night.


  1. Peter was looking over my shoulder and laughed when he saw this - he said it's the funniest film ever, but I've never seen it! Glad you had a nice relaxing day!
    R x

  2. em...your the only person I know that will get up at the crack of dawn just to feed the cats!! They will last an hour or so longer my lovely :-) xxx


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