Saturday, 8 April 2017

Janome new vs old

Hey there, thanks for joining me for another post. I know I'm surprised too, I'm finally starting to get back into a flow again and it feels good. I think I had forgotten what drew me to creating a blog way back in 2008, I wanted a way of capturing my creative journey and although I got a little lost on my way, its really starting to feel like the old me is back again.

So this post is all about getting ready for the new chapter in my sewing journey. As some of you may know I am the very proud owner of a vintage (I think I can call it that, lol) 'New Home' Janome sewing machine. 

Isn't she pretty. 

I've had her for at least the last 8 year and she was given to me by a friend of the family (Hi Maureen if you're reading this *waves*). All of my bags and other creations have been made on this machine and I've had the best of fun along the way. She even has a secret, one side she is a sewing machine and on the other size she is an over locker!!! I know crazy right!! As far as I'm aware I've never seen another one like her. She sews like a dream too, probably because I have taken the very best of care with her, making sure she has an annual service. I have to say she has a very special place in my heart. 

Now I bet you are all thinking, if you love her so much then why can we see photos of a new Janome. Well let me explain.......

My 'old' machine (I dont really like calling her that) does all the essential stitches as you can see above and she does them all very well.

So let me introduce you to my new Janome DC3050 (I think this particular model is only available through John Lewis), now this one does an impressive 50 stitches, specifically I had my eye on the stretch stitch (No.05) and to be totally honest, I bet I will never use over half of them. It also does lots of high tech (well they're high tech for me anyway) stuff and there's a needle threader, which I love!!

I spent an hour or two having a little play with it, and had a go at some of the more decorative stitches. I love the scalloped blanket stitch (2nd from the bottom). Sadly I dont think I will have much use for most of them but I bought the machine because of the good reviews and the fact its a really good quality machine. 

This week I have actually spent some time making some cushions that I've been meaning to get on with for (can I really tell you how long....???) OK I'm going to tell you, 2 years. Please dont judge me on that, in my defence there's been a lot going on which has prevented me from getting started. 

So whats the verdict then, well the new machine sews just as well as the old, it is a little bit quieter, of course it has all those stitches and the needle threader its self is worth it :) Obviously its not an over locker but thats where my old faithful Janome comes into play. As you can see from the photo further up that I have them both set up on my work desk. Another bonus is that all the machine feet I have for my old machine can be used on the new one!! I'm looking forward to getting stuck into a dressmaking project to really give the new machine a road test.

I am a lucky bunny indeed, two Janome sewing machines!!! If you know me, you will know that I will cherish both machines and look after them so that they bring me many more years of sewing enjoyment. 

thanks for stopping by, have a lovely weekend,
Emma xxx

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