Monday, 1 September 2008

I'm back...

Freshly back from getting my fix of Geordiness. Its always nice to go home and visit my parents, admittedly its not very often but I do try to get back up there as much as I can fit in.

Its strange visiting home, there's always a warm familiarity of the home I grew up in and all the memories that I have but then when I look back and compare the town to now so much has changed. I thought that as I grew up the town would seem smaller, but it doesn't. Still the same place only with a Mc Donald's and KFC (and those who know where I'm from that was a pretty big deal at the time!!! ha ha), maybe its because I'm getting older and I prefer to remember it the way it was when I was at college......Ah they were the days!!

Anyway lovely to catch up with good friends and get re-acquainted with the Geordie accent. You never lose it but you don't use words that people don't understand like, geet, kets, gannin', how'way, ne'way.......Oooohhhh I love it! :)

I'm starting to have withdrawal symptoms from crafting, its been a while since I made any bags (pieces for 2 clutch bags cut out but not sewn yet). Although I did finish these two dragonfly brooches.

Planning on working on some packaging this week, and having a good old clear out. Could do with some extra space to store crafty things so taking the opportunity to throw out some clutter. Then I can get down to some serious sewing!!
Almost forgot I was featured on a blog last week, and with all the running around I'd been doing I didn't post about it. Amy who has a shop on Etsy did a lovely piece about me and my bags on her blog :to read click here, apologies Amy for not posting about it sooner and many thanks again!! :)


  1. Congratulations on your feature. I love your shop name - so original. :)

  2. I just love ya full stop! ha ha ha

  3. And you should come home more often, although there is no excuse cause i've not been down to see you for a few (maybe 4!!!!!) years. I promise in the new year i will! xx

  4. No worries here, I am just glad you liked your feature!! It really did turn out great!!

    Take care, Amy


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