Thursday, 20 November 2008

.......every where you go! (its beginning to look a lot like christmas)

Thanks so much for your comments about my swap goodies for Elizabeth, now I bet your itching to know what was in my parcel? I know I was!!!!

First of all there was this gorgeous little card with a hand embroidered toadstool, inside was a lovely message from Elizabeth...."Dear Emma, Hope you like the enclosed-they should be useful this winter. Both are 100% pure wool-as is the felt flower, the button is vintage."
Well I could barely contain myself at this point, ravaging the paper off like a crazy woman!!

And look what was inside this gorgeous knitted beanie hat and matching scarf!!!!!! I know its fab isn't it :) I absolutely adore the colours and the felt flower and vintage button set it off just right! Are you jealous???

I want to say a huge thank you to Elizabeth who was an amazing swap partner......she has a fab blog called Making Good Use if you haven't seen it pop over and say hi. And if you too love her knitted creations then why not visit her etsy shop to see what goodies she has for sale?

God, where did they get this model from??? She has bags under her eyes, and I'm sure she has a lazy eye on one side? Oh its me!!! Ha ha ha :) As you can see they fit perfectly and match my eyes ;)


  1. they DO match your eyes and you don't look a bit like I imagined you would LOL.

    thanks for the 'help' you sent me the other day ;o)

  2. neat blog... love all the crafting
    come see me please

  3. wow that's really lovely the colours are just you x

  4. Hi Emma - The hat and scarf look really lovely on you. So glad you liked the swap parcel, I really loved what you sent me too.

  5. um. the model is gorgeous.

    what a great swap!

  6. Yay! Swaps are such great fun aren't they?! You look gorgeous and cozy in your new hat and scarf - the colours really do suit you perfectly.

  7. Oh wow, they bring out the colour of your eyes perfectly! Such lovely goodies - you are one lucky blogger. x

  8. *big wave*
    so THAT'S what you look like...hi!

  9. Ooh it's always nice to see what bloggers look like! I for one am v jealous; been looking for a handknitted scarf that's not scratchy for ages - am just hopping over to Etsy right now! What did you give her?

  10. That is a lovely hat and scarf, and it really suits you!


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