Saturday, 1 November 2008

Now, where do I start??

Normally I am full of chat when I come to blog but today I'm struggling to get it down. Lets just see how it goes.......

The weather outside is awful, this afternoon was windy but dry, now its pouring down and with the wind its making it even worse. I went out to the garage earlier to get some stuff out of the dryer and when I came back in I looked like I needed to put myself in there to dry!! I was wet through so I had to get changed.

I did manage to make a trip earlier to this quirky little shop near where we live called Roots, Chris had been in looking for some wall hangings (they sell lots of hand carved furniture, mirrors, etc) earlier in the week and said that they had some pre-cut lengths of Thai silk. I got 2 lots one in a vibrant two-tone pink and the other in a bluey green two-tone colour. Overall I got 8 yards for £30 which is very cheap compared to larger retailers. So big smile on my face when I left there :)

This also meant that when I got home I tidied my fabric boxes and transferred my printed fabric to a bigger box as it was over flowing and I could no longer get it closed!! I then cut out all the interfacing that I needed for my purses and pouches ready to be sewn together tomorrow.

Here they are ready to go!

(The lights keep dimming due to the weather outside, I just hope that the electricity doesn't go off whilst I'm writing this post!)

OK I'm off to indulge in a lovely glass of wine and curl up under a blanket on the sofa with Nell on my knee (my kitty). Have a lovely evening xx


  1. Sounds like you have been really busy.Hope you had a very relaxing evening:0)

  2. what fun! have ahappy rest of the weekend :)

  3. glad you're inside where it's dry and warm.

  4. Sounds like a perfect evening to me! Enjoy that glass of wine. Or two or three ;)

  5. hello! Sorry I haven't followed up on your tag yet, I will though I promise! And I love your pumpkins, great faces! Your day yesterday sounds nice apart from the getting soaked bit
    : )

  6. dont let the weather spoil your mood. i love rainy days.

  7. the weather does that to me too! :(


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