Tuesday, 25 November 2008

To Do List Part.....errrmmm too many ;) Day 3

Flamin' flamingos!!
Here is set 3 of the pouches I've been busy making, this fabric has to be my favourite out of the 5. Girly flamingos!! :) I think they will look so pretty with their sparkly rhinestones and heart shaped charm.

And with the bright pink lining definitely a pouch/purse for a girly girl. Although I'm not a girly type (played with trucks and cars when I was a child!!) but I love it too!!!

Don't forget if you see anything you like they will all be listed on my website after the weekend (that is if I haven't sold them at the bag party I'm doing this weekend) however if you cant wait to see if they are still available email me or leave me a comment and I will reserve it/them for you.

OK on to the disaster last night.....do you remember when I said I was in the middle of a new project but wouldn't be showing until it was finished? Well I was sewing them together last night, which involved a short length of elastic that I needed to trim. It wasn't until I had cut it that I realised that I had also cut a chunk out of my middle finger too :0. are you cringing???

First of all I couldn't believe that I had done it (again!!!) second was panic as I was bleeding.....all logic going out of the window to stop the bleeding!!! I RANG MY MAM!!! What was she going to do 160 mile away? Duh! Any way the bleeding was stopped, an elastoplast was added and I was back to sewing. Still a little sore but its not hindering my sewing so never mind.

(When I say again, I did this once before when I was at College when I took a chunk out from between my fingers Yuk!!! :o/


  1. Auwch! Luckily you didn't bleed all over these gorgeous flamingos!

  2. ooo ooo oo! I LOVE them!!! coming back to check them out this weekend :)

  3. Ouch! I bet that stung - hope it's not too sore. As for the pouches, oh no! I love them too! I definitely want one, but how to choose?! I'll email you!

  4. ouch!
    my mom sewed her finger to the machine, the needle went straight through and I had to turn the wheel on the old singer to get the needle out, it was horrible.

    I love the flamingo print though, not sure that blood stains will improve the print though!

  5. oh no, I hope your finger is feeling better? You are certainly being very productive this week, I hope your bag party goes well at the weekend. (Your pincushion is here with me now, all ready to take to the post office at lunchtime)

  6. Love the flamigoes. Noone talks about industrial injuries when you make handmade do they?


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