Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Look what I've got??

This is totally major.......me......Emma (very impatient hasn't been able to wait for anything in her life, ever!!!!) Has received her Christmas Swap goodies 5 days ago!!!!

Yes 5, five, 5 days ago!!!!! And I still haven't opened it!!
All I want to know is: Am I allowed to open it yet???????
Fellow swappers please put me out of my itchy, cat on hot tin roof misery and tell me, if my swap partner (Elizabeth from Making Good Use, has received hers too, can we open them? (Oh my god I think I'm regressing back to when I was 5 I can feel a tantrum coming on, yes that's lying on the floor legs and arms flailing everywhere!!! ;)


  1. If she's got hers and you've got yours, then open them!! x

  2. Oh my god Emma, I can't believe you've waited 5 whole days!! I got my parcel last week and opened it straight away (I knew my partner had already received and opened my parcel!) Honestly, there was no way I would have been able to wait til Xmas! Rip that paper!!!! :)

  3. santa claus won't bring yo. xu anything else if you do

  4. oh how exciting, it looks like a great parcel!
    : )

  5. OPEN IT! go on! be a devil!


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