Saturday, 15 November 2008


I just want to say thank you to all of you who left comments on my last post, its nice to know there are such thoughtful people out there that read my blog and it certainly put things into perspective a little.......what will be will be! I just have to sit it out.

I've been bursting since I got back from the Christmas Craft Fair yesterday to show you what goodies I brought back :) I had a lovely day, Chris braved it and joined me (secretly I think he actually enjoyed it). It was craft overload for me though at one point when we stopped for lunch I could hardly contain myself. There were people walking back and forth with craft storage and bags full of goodies....I was thinking I was missing out on something just because I wasn't in there ferreting around the stands. There was one stand where it was nearly every woman for herself......I felt quite intimidated ;)

Anyway this is what I did buy: some storage for beads and machine spools, a great little gadget for sticking crystals on, some stamps, card, magazines, cake ribbon (I shall explain in a second), and some beads etc.

Whilst I was rummaging through a huge box of stamps that were only £1 I found this 'It's a bag thing' stamp and I just had to get it.......and is now bagladee's motto!!

OK to explain the cake ribbon, my mam (hiya mama!!) makes the most amazing Christmas Cakes EVER!!!! She makes them in mid November and gives some away and sells the others.
If I had to say what my favourite smell is would have to be when I was younger I would come in from school in November and the house would be filled with the smell of Christmas cakes slowly cooking in the oven, for me there is nothing that beats that. And if I was lucky I'd get a little sip of sherry too ;) So these are for her to decorate her cakes. I have a small piece of last years still carefully wrapped up, but cant wait to get this years!!!!


Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my blog and leave me a comment. I love hearing your thoughts and comments.... Emma xx