Saturday, 28 February 2009


So far this year I haven't done any give aways....mainly because I just haven't had the time. As creativity runs in the family my Mam has kindly knitted me a selection of mittens and fingerless mittens (thanks Mama!!). They are so gorgeous I don't really want to part with them, but I am.

I'm going to give 2 pairs away so there will be 2 winners. And I'm going to give you the choice of which ones you would like. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, be sure to include a contact email so I can get in touch with the winners.

Winners will be chosen on Monday evening so you've got all weekend to enter.

These are my favourite!!

So warm and cosy.

I'm even thinking of setting a shop up on Etsy or Folksy for my Mam to sell her knitted wares, she also makes beanie hats. Maybe we could called it 'Auntie Christine's knitted niceties'???

What do you think?


  1. Nice Stuff!

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  2. they look great on your blog emma x

  3. Gorgeous mittens :) Pink and brown rock! (sintanja[remove]@[remove]

  4. I'd have to go with your favorite as well. A second pair too? Hmmm. Please contact me via convo from my Etsy shop.

  5. Love mittens and fingerless mitts. I like the ones you call your favourite fingerless ones. Very useful fingerless mitts - congratulate your Mum!

  6. Such a great giveaway! I love fingerless gloves, it's so much easier to clean my sons sticky face when we're out when you have free fingers!

    Must say your faves are mine too but the pink would be so much better with my clothes lol.


  7. Oh wow, how exciting! Lovely things. I definately think a shop should be opened so you can share the joy they'd bring with other people (and hopefully make some money in the process!)

  8. I love these mittens. The pink and brown are also my favorites. These are darling.

  9. They're all gorgeous! What a clever mam you have, and how sweet of her to make so many pairs for you! :)

  10. These are lovely! And how nice of your mum (and you to share)! She should definitely have a little shop. I love them all too, but especially the brown and pink mittens and the stripy fingerless ones. I've been really enjoying this cold weather so I can wear gloves and mittens!

  11. Fab mittens!Mum's are great! Mine is currently knitting me lots of baby things!

    I love the pink/brown/black pair. failing that the blue and pink fingerless ones are great too!


  12. I would love to win a pair and a shop mums stuff will be cool con5459(at)gmail(dot)com

  13. My grandma used to knit us mittens every year - now she is knitting for the great grandchildren. These bring back wonderful memories. Would love a fingerless pair.

  14. What a great give away! I love the fingerless style. You really should set up a shop for her!

  15. Oh, my daughter would LOVE that last pair picture (the fingerless). They are just her thing.
    I think an Etsy shop for her work would be a great idea.
    Has she considered donating some to charity?
    is a great organization that sends items like this to orphans in Kazakhstan.

  16. Really nice mittens! I especially like the blue/grey ones! Sharp!

    Have a great day and thanks!


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