Monday, 2 February 2009


Photo overload :)
Since the talk of the day is the snow causing havoc right across the UK I thought it was only right to start this post with a photo of our front garden all pretty and clean with snow!! And if you look very very carefully you can just see our ginger cat Oli disappearing out of the gate. He loves the snow. On the otherhand Nell, hates it I showed her and she sped back in the house shaking her coat as she went. She was not impressed!! =^o^=

I'd been looking for some ideas/inspiration for my sewing room/studio when I had a great tip off from a fellow blogger that Jo Packham wrote some great books just for that exact subject. So off to Amazon I went and bought these 2 books, they are fantastic.

Where women create & Organising your craft space.

Here are some of my favourite pages out of the book, I love eclectic collections of items but I'm planning on taking a few bits and pieces from here and there and keeping it more simple which is more my style.

This is very me :)

This is gorgeous too I love the tailors maniquin/bust with the gold stars around it.

I plan on being orgnised like this ;)

And I was practically drooling when I saw this photo!! Look at all that fabulous fabric!!

And maybe something like this.......

And these jars are just yummy!!

......Photo overload :)


  1. Oh my gosh, those photos are all so yummy. I would love my space to look like that. If I could fit my king size bed into my office room I would make my master bedroom my work space. You can see half of my messy office on my blog post from yesterday.

  2. Those rooms are all so lovely - looks like my wishlist is having another 2 books added.


  3. Ooh, I love interiors books so combining interiors with crafts sounds like heaven! I must go and check those out on Amazon - even if I do have no chance of ever having my own craft room - one can still dream!

  4. Oh my ... those rooms look scrummy.

    My cat doesn't like the snow. My old cat used to love it. Couldn't get him in from it.


  5. Thanks for the post, I'm keeping an eye out for these books. Right up my alley. I love seeing workspaces. I can only hope to be as organized one day.

  6. designs in the books are fab emma hope your sewing room becomes you xxxxx

  7. I want to be as organized as that too!


  8. "Where Women Create" is my absolute most favorite book!!! I think I'd give up sleep(creating away)if I had anyone of those work spaces :)

  9. Oooooohhhh for a craftroom like that!!!! I do have my son's little room that's empty after his sister moved out. Well empty of a sister, but full of her junk!!
    It will be a craftroom one day!

    Sharon xx


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