Thursday, 12 February 2009

W.I.P and more snow!!

Hey there blog readers, it has snowed again this afternoon but now its turning to rain so I doubt it will last very long. Work has been craaazzzzzyyyyy this week so I'm glad its Friday tomorrow. My fav day, half a day at work and then craft, craft, craft (well the odd bit of housework and food shop here and there).

So while the other half continues with the sewing room I'll be finishing off all those started jobs that I have on my to do list. Here's my sewing tray with some of the jobs left to be finished.

To the left of the photo is my new daylight lamp that I got from my parents for Christmas, its great for hand sewing when the lights not so good. Jane if you're reading this you'll recognise one of your 'home for pins' which I don't know how I lived without it :)

Just below this is a new felt brooch I have made as part of my mug swap, its started some creative cogs going in my head for some new items. One rectangle finished above the 'home for pins'.

To the right is a ball of wool (sorry to state the obvious!) which is the beginning of a wool blanket for one of my kitties Nell, I only know the very basics of knitting so its going to consist of lilac and jade rectangles :) yes I know very basic!

Underneath the wool are some brooches that need finishing and a bag that is kind of a commission bag- for someone who doesn't know I'm sending it. And now glancing back over what I've written and the image, just realised that everything is a bit colour co-ordinated....not intentionally but looks rather nice.

We're having home made stew tonight and on such a cold night I cant think of anything better...Yum!!


  1. hi emma that's the shade of wool I need for eeyore xx

  2. Mmmmm. Even though I've got a "stomach thing" going on, homemade beef stew sounds DELICIOUS!

  3. hi emma, I did read this on Friday but then had to leave the house before I had a chance to say how much it cheered me up to see your little home for pins looking so at home! Thanks for including it in your photo
    : )


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