Tuesday, 10 February 2009

A Little Progress

After a break from all things DIY, last weekend was spent making a little progress on the conversion. As you can see from the first photo we have fixed batons to the back wall so that the plasterboard can be fixed to the wall. If you look closely you can also see some at the point of the roof this will be a small ceiling strip to house the spot lights.

And if you can, imagine a little false wall which will house these little cupboards (there's one carcass built so far). So there will be lots of storage space.....and that's before we get the furniture in.

Managed to sneak a quick photo of my 'very talented' other half's drawings of the custom made cabinets :)

Hopefully there will be some more progress this weekend. Fingers crossed for an improvement in the weather soon so that we can get the skylight installed.....not a great thing to be doing when its snowing :)


  1. Awesome! Please keep updating, I love seeing home remodeling (especially studio space!) updates!

  2. Its coming along great! Those custom cupboards are going to be perfect!
    : )

  3. wow very impressive - we have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom on our top floor and may have to "borrow" the storage idea with the false wall thats fab !

  4. How exciting!!! Can't wait to see it finished!! Looks like every crafter's dream!!!!

    Sharon xx

  5. Want to follow this and see how great it turns out. Happy building.


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