Monday, 23 February 2009

Weekend Progress

OK I'm breaking my own blogging rule today and that's 'don't do more than one post a day'. I have no idea why I have that rule? Maybe its so that I actually do other things than sitting blogging all me you'd be bored!! :)

But before I post the photo's of the weekend, just want to say please visit the previous post too.....she will feel all left out otherwise and I'd hate her to be lonely down there :( te he!! Thanks :)

This photo is looking to the left side of the loft (which would be on your left side coming up the stairs). As you can see the flooring is all complete and the cupboards are all built in. There's no plaster board up yet.....that's what it will make it look all pretty and kinda finished?!?! Well not quite.

So to mimic the left this is the right hand side, which also has 2 built in cupboards, this is where all my crafty stuff will be stored. I've already got my eye on some cute storage boxes :)

For now that's about all I have to show, hopefully this weekend coming the plaster board will go up.....although I'm being told that 'electrical thingys' have to be done first.

Yes they did tell me but I very much doubt I was listening......too busy doing an imaginative make over in my mind. "Yes, desk over there......chair there.........hmmmmm shelves just about there.......and maybe a little something here"!! Yes I know.....disgusted looks when I then ask "What will be done next?" Ha ha.


  1. it's really taking shape now emma well done chris xx

  2. That's awesome!! I am looking forward to seeing it when it's all finished and put together. :)

  3. its really coming on now! (new home for pins update - nearly done, all ready to paint and sew on the label, then hopefully I will be able to take pictures and list it tomorrow evening for you)

  4. YIPEEEEEEE!!!! thanks Jane :) xx


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