Sunday, 1 February 2009


Another quick'ish post today. Arrived back from my parents late this afternoon unpacked and put the kettle on. We had a fab time last night, for those who know who Russell Brand is he was absolutely hilarious I laughed my socks off and it was definitely what the doctor ordered. We should all laugh has gotten too serious these days.

Exciting news is that I met up with a friend today at home as I am designing her wedding dress for her wedding in Cyprus later this year. We got some more finer details sorted so its down to getting some final drawings together. Just in case you are interested, I have a HND in Fashion Design and a Degree in Fashion and Textiles. I love designing and have dreamt of having my own Bridal shop where I design all the gowns. Bit of a pipe dream but you have to have one don't you!?!

Once its all done I will post to show you. So spending this morning with my oldest friend talking about weddings and wedding dresses, invitations and caterers was very exciting and right up my street. Although when I get married I will be wearing flip flops on a beach somewhere! :)

Speaking of invitations I'm after some advice from any card crafters out there 'What type of glue would I use if I were to stick some lace braiding/edging to some card?' I have no experience in card crafting really and would love to pass the info onto my friend who's getting married.

Some books that I ordered last week came on Saturday morning (related to the conversion from loft to sewing room) so I will show you tomorrow (Haven't a chance to get the camera out yet).

Well that post turned out longer than I was expecting!! Off to bed now....back to work tomorrow again.


  1. oooh a wedding dress? that is awesome!!!

  2. I envy your sewing skills! I really want a sewing machine but until I have some time to dedicate to figuring it out, I keep putting that project off. :P

  3. Glad you had fun :-)
    as for sticking lace onto can get mini glue dots on sheets, you lay the lace on it and it'll pick up the glue dots, then put the lace on the card and it teeny bits of double sided tape!
    I'll send you a link to some if i can find one! xxx

  4. Good old Russell ... did he mention the BBC debacle?

    Can't wait to see the wedding dress - huge project!

    As for the glue - pva glue dries clear but is messy - maybe Sarah's idea of the glue dots is better?


  5. glad you had a good time, and your morning yesterday sounds fun, you are brave making a wedding dress!
    : )

  6. How fab, designing a wedding dress.

    When sticking ribbon/lace/fabric to cards I use one of the little Xyron create a sticker machines, or Spray Mount spray glue. It's strong but allows time for repositioning.



  7. How exciting! That is a great dream to have! I would love to see the finished product! :p


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