Sunday, 15 February 2009

Make your blog into a book.

Randomly surfing the net last week I found this fantastic site that can turn your blog into an actual book. I think this is a fab idea, I would love a physical copy of my weekly ramblings. All beautifully presented in a book.

The site is called Blurb, they make a wide variety of publications from blog books to cook books, photo books and poetry books. A great idea for those who would otherwise only dream of having their work published.

It just takes 3 steps to create your blog book:

1. Download their free bookmaking software 'Blurb BookSmart'
2. Add photos, artwork, and text. You have creative control.
3. Order one book or many. Prices start at just $4.95.

You even have the option to place your book in Blurb’s bookstore for fans to purchase.

I'm thinking of having some of my blog turned into a book in April as this will be my first Blogversary. I love the thought of being able to add my bagladee blogbook to my bookshelf.


  1. What an interesting idea, thank you for sharing!

  2. Blurb is such a cool service -- I'm working on a family cookbook with it right now.

  3. I'm halfway through making my first blog book at Blurb it's a long process, I warn you! I'm going to do mine in 6 month 'chunks'. x

  4. what a great idea! And you did very well on valentines day, your roses are beautiful (I just left you a comment on your wip post below too)
    : )

  5. i saw this on soulemama's blog a while ago but am very glad you've brought it up again...i wanna book ;-p (I also want my own studio room but you know that, right?)

  6. That is very original, thanks for the link I am going to take a look.xx

  7. hey! thank u very much for sharing i have dreamed about making my blog into a book. thank u again..

  8. Hiya they look lovely, and i lookd for ages for a uk website that would create a book from a blog...but couldnt find one...i downloaded blurb software but in their agreement they say they are californian....its under californian law and they expressedly exclude the international treaty on the sale of goods...i didnt agree and am going to uninstall mine...just for info...

    your blog is really super...


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