Saturday, 11 April 2009

Easter Weekend Bliss!!

A well deserved hot shower and a glass of wine.....just what I needed to wind down on today. Busy, busy, busy but I've loved every minute. Most of yesterday afternoon was spent sewing a new project that I am very excited about. I've only posted a sneak peek photo as I still have the others to tweak for my website and etsy shop, which I will be doing tomorrow I will post again then so you can see them all in their glory ;)

This morning we had a cup of tea in bed then I got up to cut some more fabric and tidy the house, the other half got up and finished some bit and pieces off before he went and cut some more plasterboard for the loft :)))))) *big grin* Between us this afternoon we got half of the plaster board up. The big grin is because it is actually starting to look like a room now and I can visualise where everything is going to go and how much space I'm going to have to sew until my little heart is content.

So the well deserved hot shower was to ease my aching arms from holding the plaster board up while the other half screwed it in place. I will show you some photo's Monday.

Thanks ever so much to Indigo blue for honouring me with this award :) so to pass it on here you are, I am supposed to nominate but because I love all your comments- consider yourself tagged on this one.

I love reading everyones comments, and the help and advice is great keep it coming, enjoy the award :)


  1. whatever you are sewing in the top pic - looks wonderful! Love the colors!!
    It's so nice when a big project starts to look like something. We redid the bathroom many years ago - hope to never do that again!

  2. congratulations on the award! It sounds like you are having a great weekend.
    : )


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