Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Progress of the plasterboard kind :)

I'm still smiling from all of the nice comments that you all left on my giveaway post, I cant thank you all enough. (YEY I have new blog friends Hi **wave**).

I thought it was about time for an update on the sewing room/loft conversion. So 2 weekends ago it was looking like this, floor completed no plaster board up and one of the back boards were removed to add some cables and pipes.

Lots of tools lying around.....

Then after lots of stretching (by me) holding up plaster board (by me) and complaining that muscles were burning (by me) they were all securely screwed into place by the other half.
After it was all up there I felt like I had done 24 hours of Pilate's.....I ached in places I didn't know I could ache!! But when we stood back and took stock of the past few days labour it was all worth it. I was shocked at how much it is already starting to feel like a room now.
As you can see we've left the main roof beams exposed as they were just too lovely to cover up, they need a lot of love and attention though. Due to the house originally having coal fireplaces the attic was full of black soot when we first ventured up there, meaning that the beams are a really dark brown colour. My job is going to be sanding them down and giving them a well deserved coat of wood stain (don't worry I will be using an electric sander!!).
Another weekend of jobs ahead of us....hopefully we will have some more photos soon.


  1. You're going to appreciate it so much more because you both did the work yourself, aren't you? It's coming along really well. x

  2. It looks huge! Can't wait to see the photos when it's finished.

  3. ooh good luck! I am thinking of a similar plan for my loft but it's full of junk at the moment! x

  4. I bet this room will be a real asset to your business. How wonderful to have a room dedicated to sewing, and even better to have made it yourselves.

  5. Its all coming together! Good luck with the sanding
    : )


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