Thursday, 9 April 2009

Important - Wednesday 15th April

I know most of you out there will be starting you Easter holidays tomorrow......I will be at work :( the upside is that because we are a manufacturing company we work Good Friday (Friday's are only half days for me) and then get the Tuesday following the Easter Monday off!! :D

So over the Easter weekend I will be trying to blog as many things as I can.....I have lots of creative ditties to post about.

Whilst I'm not getting carried away with posting about lovely craftiness I'd like to invite you all over to my blog next Wednesday as its my very 1ST BLOG BIRTHDAY. To celebrate I will be giving away a very special booty of items. I thought I'd go all out on this being my first year of blogging. So join me back here next Wednesday armed with a cup of what ever you fancy and a cake of some description.....

Well I'm off now to go and open 2 parcels that arrived for me today......I wonder whats in them??? How exciting I love parcels :) I'll show you photos tomorrow.


  1. How exciting! A whole year is something to be proud of!! It feels like should be buying YOURSELF something as a treat instead of giving things away.

  2. wow - a whole year! I'll bring a bottle.

  3. The first year does go by quickly doesn't it. I will come back next week. I have an award for you to help celebrate. Pop over when you get time.


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