Monday, 6 April 2009

Ironing?? I'd rather be doing......

Before I set off on the horrendous task of doing the ironing I thought I'd write a quick post. Really I'm just trying to psyhc myself up to actually doing it. In my mind I'd like to think that in a perfect world I would be like the photo above, just having to iron the odd bit here and there all glammed up.

The reality is I feel like there are 10 people living in my house creating ironing not just 2!!! I'm not a one to shy away from house work but there are a million things that I'd rather be doing than ironing. My plan is to get it all done tonight and out of the way so I can get back to doing some fun things.

Speaking of fun things......we've booked a little holiday for June. We didn't go away last year and weren't planning to this year with trying to finish the house. We started collecting the coupons in The Times Newspaper for 2 tickets for £90 on the Eurostar and booked tickets on Thursday last week, we've also booked ourselves into a quaint little hotel for 2 nights in Paris!!

I cant wait, I've been to France but never to Paris. I'm planning on totally over indulging on tourist activities. (Excluding snails and frogs legs....Uuuurggghhhh!!) :)

Fancy a giggle why not pop over to Squidoo to read the latest on Bagladee (just scroll down the page a little to read the interview)


  1. I really don't like ironing either. So I never do it!! We all wear t-shirt and jeans, no one gets dressed up for anything so it works for me. I remember doing piles of ironing every week for my mom when I was younger. Part of the weekly chores. Yuck!!

  2. I always manage to leave the ironing until there i so much it takes hours, I never learn! Hope yours doesn't take you so long. At least you can dream about your paris trip, it sounds great!
    : )

  3. we have this AMAZING low cost cleaner in Chicago - we're talking a buck for a shirt - so I usually dry clean my stuff that needs ironing. I figure my clothes will last longer that way anyway (or maybe I'm just trying to justify not doing it myself. haha)

  4. I reckon ironing multiplies itself when we're not looking. :-( x


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