Thursday, 23 April 2009

Worn out and weary

Its 9:15pm and I've only just come in and got changed from work......I've got a booming headache, my tummy is rumbling and I feel like I could sleep for a week starting now. I love learning new things and taking on challenges and don't mind going to meetings off site. But today was definitely the longest by far. It started out by being at work extra early, a long car journey there......very long meeting, then the long journey back.

I've had to carry Nell around like a baby whilst I put tea in the oven (nothing exciting, just whatever I could be bothered to shove in) as she was in the huff that I wasn't here to feed them at tea time (the other half did).

I did have some sewing and cutting out fabric planned (as I didn't think today was going to be so long).....but now I plan to eat my tea, read some blogs and veg out in front of the TV........BLISS!!

Off to the ever so wonderful 'Hobbycraft' tomorrow!! Oh how I love thee!!! :)


  1. Ooooh i'm planning to go to hobbycraft tomorrow too (a different one from you i'm sure!) - i love it. I always spend ages in there and spend WAY too much!! Happy shopping :o)

  2. eurgh! i hate days like that!! i hope your sit down and veg out was just what the odctor ordered for you


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