Friday, 24 April 2009

Feeling felty!

OK so I've been to Hobbycraft 2 weekends in a I have a problem? No, am I addicted to buying supplies? That would be a yes.......

This yummy selection of felt was on special offer so I couldn't resist going back this week and getting more. This felt is a strange mix.....not sure what kind but its quite thick and rigid and the colours are lovely and vibrant. I have a plan!!!!

Sarah if you're reading this, don't worry I'm still buying felt supplies from your lovely shop......this stuff is for a side project.

Cant reveal just what yet.....I've just realised that there are a lot of secrets going on with me at the moment. Lots of things are moving really fast and I'm still pinching myself on a daily basis, checking to see if its all real.
We're all going out for a meal tonight for the other half's Mum's birthday and were going here. Its lovely the food is gorgeous and the surroundings are very sumptuous. So its off to get dolled up ~(for a change) and I'm not driving tonight!!! Yes, wine for me please and make it a large one :)


  1. you didn't tell me you bought all that felt xx

  2. Ooh, I covet that big pile of felt!

  3. I too have a weakness for felt and I have a pile like that from Hobbycraft. My first batch was when they had an offer on but I missed this one, sob, sob

  4. Cor Blimey I bet you bought out Hobbycrafts stock!

    Luvely bright colours.

  5. hope that you secrets go well!! and i love that pile of felt!!

  6. uh-oh...I bought a huge pile of felt last week...and now I want to go to hobbycraft too! *stands up* 'My name is Correna and I DO have a problem!


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