Sunday, 12 April 2009

Notebook covers of the IT kind

Now did I mean that in the Information Technology way or IT as in Paris Hilton? Well I suppose its both really.....

Feeling inspired by my new notebook that was a birthday treat back in Jan these little beauties were bursting to be created.

The one that came with mine was OK, it did the job, I cant really was sooooooo boring. I wanted something that was going to inspire me back in return. And what better than some fun and funky fabric???

You really don't know how hard it was for me to actually list this one rather than slip my notebook into it it and slowly slink away......

I'm definitely going to make one of these for myself.....I think I deserve it ;) Both of them are available in my etsy shop and website (<--links here and on the photo's) to buy now. Cant wait to make some more of these they look fab.....and everyone with a notebook should have one :)
Don't forget to come back on Wednesday 15th for my bloggy birthday :)


  1. those are fabulous!! Love the yellow and black one :D

  2. I love those! I would have a hard time listing them, too!

  3. Emma text me in the morning i want that yellow and black one...LUSH xxxxx

    Kel xx

  4. I love the top one!! Amazing fabric.

  5. They look wonderful. Have you put wadding between the layers of fabric? x

  6. Hi kitty, I used thick iron on interfacing which gives it extra protection without being too bulky.

    Hey Kel, Its all yours I will get it wrapped up and posted to you tomorrow morning. So should be with you Wed/Thurs. thanks xxx

  7. They look fabulous Emma! If I had a netbook I would definitely buy one ;)


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