Monday, 26 October 2009

Happy, happy, happy...

To follow a lovely weekend I had a day just for me today :D I got up early and enjoyed a cup of tea with Nell whilst I read some blogs....after getting ready I headed into town and straight for John Lewis. Again I had run out of interfacing, I know disaster. And as I cant live without it I had to get some more.

So after cleaning them out of their almighty stock of 5 and half meters (very poor) I headed off to PAPERCHASE!!!!!!!! I always have a journal and note book....the note book stays in my handbag (at the moment its the gorgeous one that Rachel sent me :D) and the journal is always on the arm of the sofa where I sit on an evening just in case I need to draw or write something down. Since there were only 3 pages left in my journal I thought I had better get another, pronto. It took me about 20 minutes to choose one (I am very particular) I also picked up a new pen and a birthday card. Oooh and how lovely it is.....

I then took a quick trip to Hobbycraft and picked up some polka dot, sparkly and zebra print felt. I spent this afternoon making another new bag, and I have to say I am proud as punch of this one. I'm planning on making another one's will come soon.

And the best thing about today?? Is that I get to spend all day tomorrow on me too!!! Yippppeeee!!


  1. that sounds absolutly wonderful! you lucky thing!

  2. Sounds like the perfect kind of day! Unfortunately, I don't have a Hobbycraft or John Lewis anywhere near me - although that's probably just as well! Hope today is just as lovely!
    R xx


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