Saturday, 3 October 2009

Made to order....

After a lot of 'ummming ' and 'arrrhhing' I've finally decided to add these to my etsy and folksy shops as made to order cushions. I really enjoyed making both of these cushions and I think it would be quite a mean feat to make every letter of the alphabet so a 'made to order' listing made more sense.
I can literally make them in any felt colours you like and any initials, I can even customise the detail for you.....

So if you want one for a little boy named Jack for example I can add a car or a could even just have the initial if you thought appropriate.

As for the wedding, bride and groom cushion, I can add as many or as little pearl beaded flowers as you like.....a simple but personal wedding gift.


  1. what a great idea Emma, they both look great. Was the friend who got married the one you designed the dress for?
    : )

  2. Hi Jane, yes it was the same friend that I designed the dress for. I cant wait to see it.... x

  3. Great idea. I hope they are a big seller.

    Ruthie x


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