Thursday, 29 October 2009

Today I cried....

..twice. But its OK, I felt loads better afterwards. Work stress + being over tired + home stress + migraine + hormones = teary eyed stress head.

On a more cheery note, look what I have to play with for my paper bag swap.....pieces cut now just to sew together :D Smiling again!!

Yey for the weekend....


  1. cyber hugs and a mug of cocoa with marshmallows and a dollop of cream.
    have a good nights sleep and hopefully it will be better in the morning.

  2. Let yourself cry once in a while... sometimes the body and the soul need it!
    Luckily you have tons of wonderful projects to cheer you up.
    Hopefully, tomorrow will be better!

  3. aaahhh a good cry can fix everything...I hope you did it proud with lots of 'can't breathe cos crying so hard' moments ... and a few snot bubbles too.
    hugs from me to you xxx

  4. It's good to know we all have days like that!!I'm sure it will be better tomorrow hun!!
    ((((( HUGS ))))))


  5. Ahh sweetie, big hugs to you. It always feels better to get it out of your system every now and then. Here's hoping you have a lovely, chilled out weekend.
    R xxx

  6. Gorgeous fabrics! - those would chase off anyone's stress-head.

    *virtual hugs*

  7. oh no, I hope you are feeling more cheery now. I had a migraine on friday, they are enough on their own to make you down in the dumps. Hope you had a better weekend


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