Friday, 9 October 2009

New bags....

Ahhhhh just look at this pile of gorgeous fabric, some new and some old favourites......these are the fabrics I have chosen for the next collection of bagladee bags. New designs and new combinations. It all starts today.........


  1. What a scrummy looking pile of fabrics! Can't wait to see your new designs. Have a fab weekend sweetie!
    R x

  2. Oh how exciting! Your stash of fabric looks truly wonderful - can't wait to see the new bags you will design!
    Have you had any thoughts about the paper bag swap? I've started to put together my collection of bits and pieces to send to you, but not quite finished yet!
    Have a fab weekend
    Denise x

  3. I love the 'choosing the fabric' part! All of these look gorgeous
    : )

  4. what a bunch of lovely fabric's! exciting new bags to come :)


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