Sunday, 18 October 2009

Just for fun :D

Driving back on the A1 today it really felt like some parts the journey was quite breathtaking. The trees were all golds, reds and dark greens starting to turn brown. Leaves had fallen and even though the air was briskly cool the sun gleamed through the trees and warmed the inside of the car as I drove. I had a lovely time on Saturday night and the bride was beautiful (especially the dress ;) I will get a photo to post soon).

So in the 'spirit' of Autumn and Halloween, I thought I'd make something just for fun. Totally off the cuff and not planned. Its nice to be just a little spontaneous every once and a while.

This is Jack the pumpkin head purse :D I only made one, and have just listed him here. He has little rhinestone pupils that gleam in the light! And his insides are bright orange (of course!).
And this brooch would look fab on a costume or jacket for a Halloween party and is listed here. I'm looking forward to getting Skelly Bob and the rest of my decorations out in time for the children calling for treats......Oh how I do love Halloween.

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  1. I am in LOVE with that purse! Lol.. Halloween is my fave holiday, but dangit, i'd use that purse every day! (in my old apartment my room was painted in a halloween theme hehe) Great job! I love how he kinda has an 'evil' grin!


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