Monday, 12 October 2009

New bag....

I'm very proud to introduce the very first bag in the new collection....isn't she pretty :D I feel like I have most definitely found 'my feet' (so they say) with bagladee and the new collection is def ME!!

I don't normally do this but since this is the very first bag and I will spending most of my time concentrating on making my way through the other designs I have listed this bag here on my website already.

So if you want her you will have to be quick.....keep your eyes peel for more coming soon.
Since I am feeling as giddy as a school girl I have decided to go mad and offer 20% off all items on my website (excluding this bag) to my blog readers, just pop me an email after purchase and I will refund 20% (this does not include the postage) to your paypal account. This offer is open until Saturday 24th October.


  1. that bag is gorgeous!
    you deserve to feel super-proud of yourself :-)

  2. Fab. I look forward to seeing more from the new collection.

    Ruthie x

  3. Em, it's fabulous! I love that new design! Well done missy!
    R xx

  4. I love your new bag design - the fabric is fab too x

  5. Love the bag Emma you'll be famous one day and very successful xx

  6. It's lovely Emma! Can't ait to see what else you have up your sleeve
    : )


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