Wednesday, 7 October 2009

TLBG Wednesday / Festive

A dual post today, first off I will start with TLBG Wednesday. The topic this week is Morsebags. was set up to encourage us all to use reusable fabric bags rather than plastic bags, which have a detrimental effect on marine and read more about the concept and how to join a pod please visit the website, you can also read the post Rachel wrote on TLBG.

I always use re-usable bags when shopping, and when offered plastic bags I always refuse as my handbag is the size of Mary Poppins travel there's always plenty room for bought nik naks. So to participate in the morsebag movement I am going to make 4 morsebags and the first 4 people to say they would like one on this post I will send to....I would really love it if those 4 people are willing to do the same. Make some and pass them on......don't worry full instructions are posted on the morsebags website.

Second part of today's post is this lovely festive fabric, this was the other set I was waiting for coming through the post. Isn't it fab? I love the build up to Christmas....that's the best bit.

Tomorrow is the last day of the working week for me as I have Friday off :D so there is a list, then a smaller list, then a smaller list. It will be a marathon list busting weekend for me.


  1. I am in love with that x-mas rabbit fabric!!!!

  2. I can't wait for my fabric to arrive...ordered the MM reindeer one:)
    I love the build up to christmas too - have you seen the lovely biccie tins with vintage pic on in Tesco - half price right now...
    I would love a morsebag, I think its a great idea...however I can't promise that I will get round to making any myself this month......x

  3. Fab fabric. I can't wait to see what festive goodies you come up with.

    Ruthie x

  4. Emma, I would love a morsebag, we were talking about this earlier in the week at work. Having read the instructions, think even I can manage it :-)and I will surprise the girls I work with. Lorraine x

  5. Oh no I can't believe I am the 5th comment, oh well never mind, I'll still make some.
    Lovely blog by the way.
    Have a great week

  6. I made 6th comment not bad but not good enough.
    Better luck next time.
    Lovely blog.

  7. booo. can't believe i missed out :(
    when can we see your studio???? i'm not sure i can wait much longer!!!! :P


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