Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Rush, rush, rush!!

Time is running out and fast. The craft fair is on Saturday and there is soooo much to do :(

on the list:

Aprons to sew
Brooches to finish
Purses to sew
Cosmetic pouches to make from scratch (me thinks this will not happen)

On top of that I have:

The final edit on my book to check over
Christmas shopping to do (I haven't even thought about it let alone start)
A bomb site of a house to clean and tidy so that we might be able to get a tree up
'Mount Everest' of a washing and ironing pile to get through

Oh yeah and go to work full time during the day......I'm sure there's a word for people like me, Oh yeah I know what it is.....CRAZY!

Even with all that going on I'm getting right into the Christmas spirit and feeling jolly already....orders have been coming in and I LOVE wrapping!! Edinburgh was great, we all had a fab time, went out for some lovely meals, drank plenty, walked miles, went to the Christmas German Market and drank 'Fire Punch', Yum! Did some shopping, and laughed lots. Although it was absolutely freezing, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, especially the birthday girl. Thanks Kelly :D

Right must dash, have to get to work.....then home for lots of sewing. Anyone else feeling the strain of crafting before Christmas.....I feel for you!! Hugs


  1. I know what you mean about the strain of crafting for xmas - I think I should have started back in July!! Good luck for the craft fair! R xxx

  2. Your welcome i'm just about recovered and i'm never walking that far in 5inch heels ever again... xx

  3. Hi Emma!
    crikey you are so busy!!! Just slow down there and remember to breathe!
    I know exactly what you mean about the crafting for Christmas strain.... well, it's not so much the crafting because that is just dandy - it's all the other things which have to happen too, and the way people 'book' your time!
    D x


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