Saturday, 19 December 2009

5 days to go.....Eeeek!!

As we are officially in the countdown to Christmas I'm starting to feel slightly excited about the whole affair. Yesterday we broke up for Christmas so we all went to the pub after work and had a 'pint' (well mine was a half) and after saying goodbyes I headed back home.

We tackled the food shopping last night, which wasn't as half painful as I thought it would be. I wrapped some presents and had a glass of wine (Woooooo!!! a half and a glass of wine in one day, my we are pushing the boat out). I sat and made a list of the last bits I need to get and made a list of house to do's which I will be doing this weekend.

I have a clutch bag to finish this morning which will be going by speedy delivery on Monday and I'm planning on a little bit of fun sewing but I'll tell you more about that later.

What are you all doing in the run up to the day?


  1. Major snowstorm happening here! 1-2 feet Christmasy can you get ;-)

  2. Lucky you to have broken up from work, I have two more days to go!
    : )


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